Em and I were able to take a week off in November to visit Bishop, CA and do some climbing. It was an especially fun vacation because we coordinated the trip with a bunch of friends who were already down in the states, who were from the states, and still others who travelled down from Canada along with us. The company made the trip really special, and a much needed break for both Em and I.

Bishop is a world-class climbing destination and we all left unfinished business for next time. Enjoy some photos after the break!

Christmas on SSI was especially exciting this year with some power outages, but as always was relaxing and wholly enjoyable. Emily spent the few days around Christmas with us and the Thomsons (including Bob!) visited on Christmas day.

I didn't have my camera unfortunately, but Dad kindly let me use his. The below photos may be duplicates of the ones on his website.

Last night was the 2018 CARSA Dyno competition! It was a lot of fun to set for, and even more fun to watch. Many thanks to Claire Wagstaff and Alexander Moorman for running the event and everyone for showing up! I love these grassroots comps, it's fun to get the community out and trying something different.

It was very dark at the wall and although I tried using an LED worklight to illuminate areas, a lot of the photos unfortunately did not turn out. Check below to see a few!

This Monday Tosh invited a few of us out to Felicitas (the campus pub) open mic night. I knew he played some guitar but I didn't realize how talented he is! I sang and played a total of 5(?) songs which were incredibly well received by the audience. Hopefully he wants to do it again soon! Click through to see some photos of him playing.


Em and I went with a few friends to the Pendray corn maze to check it out. It was very impressive! I've never been to one before and thought the whole thing was pretty neat. They apparently use a GPS guided corn-chopping tractor to carve intricate networks into the corn field. If you flip through google earth by year you can see their different designs. A few photos below - special thanks to Milen for showing me how to shoot sun-star-burst photos!

Emily and I were in town all weekend just relaxing and getting a bit of work done. To make sure we got a bit of sun amidst the studying we went for a few walks along the water and in through a local Japanese garden. A few photos from the weekend are below. Try and see what's 'funky' about the sun dial at Ogden Point!

Emily and I went over to SSI to visit for Thanksgiving this year. It was a nice break to have a relaxing weekend away, made better catching up Meg and Zev who were also visiting, as well as Mom and Dad who just got back from their Africa trip (check out https://www.highshot.org for photos of that). It was also great to see the progress on the house addition. We finished off the weekend with a big family dinner of the classic Thankgiving salmon.

A few days in Squamish with family and friends. Right before the school year starts anew a few of us went to boulder in Squamish. Temps were somehow super and we made a few new friends along the way. Can't wait until next time.

Oh, I also took a bunch of portraits so they're mixed in, and of mixed result.

Grandma and Batchi came over to Victoria for a new hip and Anthony hosted us all for dinner! His new place is looking really nice and dinner was delicious.

Once again the Wadeys hosted a great weekend getaway on Okanagan Lake. Em and I drove a scenic route through Princeton on the way up and stopped at DRAO so I could show her the facility and she could meet Steve. The we blasted up to the cabin and spent a few days relaxing in the sun. It was a bittersweet farewell as after the weekend we all drove West while Alex and Emilie drove East to begin school in Ontario. They were presented with a collection of signed photos in a small semi-tearful goodbye.